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Masters of Interactive advertising since 2011, from brand activations, events management
Creative Studio Services & Digital Marketing.

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About Red Square

Red Square for interactive advertising solutions set out on a journey of standing out since 2011 when it was first founded by a group of creators. Ever since its beginning, Red Square integrated all the elements of imapct-making advertising solutions that made a difference and leveraged the modern advertising techniques from just delivering a message on a visual or multimedia ad copy, to making a real communication and an everlasting impression in the brands' hand-picked audiences through brand activations, events planning and management, digital marketing and media production.
Today, Red Square stands tall among the peer agencies with over a 100 of major corporate clients and hundreds of successful campaigns and projects, sealed with well delivered results and ROI.

Interactive Advertising Solutions

We're all bound to master Interactive advertising. The Shift from the more traditional and common method of advertising, that relies on customers coming across and remembering a typical ad copy seen on a magazine or billboard, or heard on radio.
Interactive advertising is about developing two-way communication between brands and its prospective customers, as we leveraged advertising to require a customer reaction in some kind of unusal and unexpected way through a custom created expereince.

Events Management

We pick & setup the most matching location, setup the provisions & plan the itenrary, attendees all the way to moderation coverage & documentation. all to serve your marketing objective for the event.

Brand Activations

When it comes to the experiences we create, we take it beyond just delivering a message. You name your prospective audience, we'll take it from there. Aligning ideas, setup & operations to make a real & deep brand impact that lasts.

Creative Studio

The backup of any interactive advertising solution is a creative design to emphasize your brand's details in produced items like booths and giveaways. Also the audio and video production, our team takes care of every detail in a variety of outputs.

Digital Marketing

Interactive advertising has a digital arm too, we reach out to your prospective clientele & spread awareness about you on Social Media, Search Engines, PPC Ads & display ads. We also develop website & mobile apps to represent your brand


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Here's a glimpse on our exquisite work, we pride our selves for being part of our clients' success and we keep working on creative new outputs in every aspect of work.

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